What Actually Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing (AKA Online Marketing) is the promotion of your products/service online. This can be done by taking advantage of multiple channels, such as search engines, Social Media and Paid Advertising, depending on your objectives and what you want to achieve. Everyone uses digital these days, whether its Google to browse what they’re looking for, or Social Media to see what their friends are up-to. A massive reach is possible.



PPC is a strategy where brands pay every time your ads are clicked on. Search engine advertising is very popular, and helps gets in front of your audience. Pay-Per-Click may seem very costly, but with a successful campaign in place – you will make that money back, plus more!



Search Engine Optimisation can be used to help your website get good results in search engines. SEO is a range of different techniques that are used to boost your site’s rankings. SEO is purely organic, and you do not have to pay for every click, unlike PPC.



It can not be over-stated of how important Social Media is these days. You need to make sure it is being done right, however. The message/tone of voice has to be consistent, look good and actually have some sort of purpose. Most of the time, no online presence, means you won’t exist to a lot of people.


EMAIL Marketing

Put all of your offers, promotions or any important information in front of past customers, or potential customers who have signed up. Pretty much everyone has an email account, and checks them regularly. One of the most successful strategies of digital marketing. We can design engaging, beautifully designed emails – guaranteed to convert. 


Content Strategy

Content plays a vital role of any online business. It is important to create engaging and content that goes in-depth to attract the right type of visitors. This could be blogs, guides or videos. Get your customers on your site, interested in what you’re writing and they will convert.


Content Creation

Once the strategy is in place, the content itself needs to be created. People pay attention to content that was been thought through, that tells a story and actually helps them with what they need. People love freebies, and by giving them free information – will get them interested.

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The important part


We understand that a lot of business don’t work with agencies because of the costs. Don’t let that bother you with us. We focus on working with start-up/small businesses – and we know the financial implications that come with those. Speak to a creative, and see what we can do for you. We work to match your budgets. We don’t ask for a massive payment up front, we are happy to split payments over a retainer month-by-month to help make things more affordable. We’re easy going.