What is it all about?

Photography and Videography is yet another massive element of a business. If a business does not use photos and videos of their products/services – why would anyone be interested? Photography & Videography can be the main point of whether someone purchases off you. Show your product/service in use, show just how good they are. Even if your product/service is pretty boring – photography and videography can bring them to life. Product shoots, or TV adverts – we can help.



The difference between good photography and bad photography, can also equate to whether someone’s buys from you, or goes elsewhere. Our photography, matches your brand voice. If you are pretty creative, we get creative shots, if you’re based around boldness – we can get some bold, stand-out shots. We edit our images using professional software, and shots are taken using the best, up-to-date equipment. From product shots, to team shots and office shots – plus more! Studio17 can help make your images and assets, look unreal.



Video is something that is really underlooked these days. You can use a video for pretty much anything. For example, if you are launching a new product – a video can be used as a promotion advert, to be shown how the product can be used. Influencer video is something that is also growing massively, alongside vlogging. People don’t like reading, and much rather sit with their feet up watching a video. We use top of the range video cameras, alongside professional editting software. We take pride in our work.

The important part


We understand that a lot of business don’t work with agencies because of the costs. Don’t let that bother you with us. We focus on working with start-up/small businesses – and we know the financial implications that come with those. Speak to a creative, and see what we can do for you. We work to match your budgets. We don’t ask for a massive payment up front, we are happy to split payments over a retainer month-by-month to help make things more affordable. We’re easy going.